Egal 3 / The Shades EP
Label : Sound of Vast
Cat No : SOV001
Release : 3rd of March 2014
Format : EU12” Vinyl / Digital
Distribution : Rush Hour

Track List
A1 The Shades
B1 Icxperiment
B2 The Shades (Scott Kemp & Red Pig Flower Remix) – Vinyl Only
The Shades (Knock Remix) – Digital Only

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Stepping up for Sound of Vast’s debut release ‘The Shades EP’ is Egal 3, a talented young producer hailing from the deep roots of Romania. This debut EP will be released in a limited run of only 500 copies – not a record to be missed! The EP will also get a digital release with a package containing a slightly different track list.

‘The Shades’ is an emotional minimal deep house track fused throughout with subliminal tribal textures perfectly encapsulating Sound of Vast’s emerging musical direction, whilst it’s B-Side ‘Icxperiment’ offers an ear-catching dance floor number with an extraordinary groove and a cheeky harmonic nod to Egal 3’s cultural roots.
In the form or remixes, Scott Kemp (Mobile Recording/ Novos) and Red Pig Flower (Co-founder of Vast) join forces and collaborate on a remix of ‘The Shades’, this collaboration has produced a sound which reflects the deep wild emotions that fire up the the studio when these two get together, the end production containing a dubby exotic and haunting sound available for you only on the limited press vinyl release. Grab it while you can or you will regret it.
Finally to complete the package the young and talented Japanese producer Knock (Co-founder of Vast) produces a fresh yet deep house remix full of chuggy beats and atmospheric keys which could be equally at home in a Vangelis soundtrack, this track comes exclusively on the EP’s digital release.

These four killer tracks all explore a slightly different character yet contain solid qualities of sound production making it a unique package and a great first release for this new label with an amazing future ahead of them, you better watch Sound Of Vast’s journey as this EP is just the first step.